Terms of Reference

The Peachland Economic Development Committee 2015 is an advisory committee to Council. Its purpose is to identify, investigate, analyze and periodically report to Council on matters affecting or having the potential to affect, the growth, prosperity and economic well being of the community.


  • to develop initiatives that foster community development;
  • to facilitate projects and activities of volunteer not-for-profit community organizations and to provide information on community projects and events;
  • to seek input from individuals and groups interested in community development issues and to encourage networking among them;
  • to participate in community planning initiatives in conjunction with municipal and regional authorities;
  • to attend meetings and other events to network with other community development groups;
  • to be cognizant of issues relating to economic development and its potential impact on the environment;
  • to support Cultural Tourism by facilitating the efforts and activities of organizations that will attract visitors;
  • to collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce in providing information and assistance to those wishing to invest in Peachland.

  • to undertake any projects assigned by Council;
  • to monitor the business and economic climate of the community with a view to identifying, investigating, and reporting to Council on issues and opportunities likely to bear on the maintenance, enhancement and sustainability of Peachlands economic well being;
  • to sponsor meetings and events likely to encourage public discussion of community economic development issues;
  • to participate in initiatives that have a Regional Economic Development focus and seek to ensure that Peachlands interests are appropriately represented;
  • to participate in Council-directed consultation processes concerned with the development of a community vision and identity.
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