Why are we Embarking on this Project?

Peachland's Official Community Plan has not been comprehensively reviewed and updated since 2001. Much has changed over the past 15 years. Numerous large development projects have been proposed, domegraphics are shifting, climate change is a reality, downtown parking is constrained and a shared vision of a clear community identity is desired. Public priorities are changing. It is important to review the plan to ensure it:

  • is still relevant;
  • addressed the above, and other current issues and trends; and
  • continues to reflect the community's vision.

Council prioritized the Official Community Plan Renewal Project in the District of Peachland Corporate Strategic Plan (2015-2018). In early 2016, Council authorized staff to proceed with the first four phases of the project.

Updating the Official Community plan will help staff and Council provide more accurate input on regional planning processes and better evaluate proposed local developments.

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