Why is it Important and Why get Involved?

Mayor and Council refer to Peachland's Official Community Plan to guide decisions on proposed new housing, business and industrial developments, sustainability, environmental priorities and transportation directions. Staff use the Official Community Plan to make recommendations to Mayor and Council on these and other topics. The Official Community Plan ensures that change within the community is managed and coordinated.

Without an Official Community Plan, decision-making at the individual level could result in incompatible land uses side by side. For example, if an outdoor go-cart track were to locate next to a quiet, residential neighbourhood, it could generate complaints which the District would be asked to address. Having an Official Community Plan in place can avoid these, and other types of issues.

Renewing the Official Community Plan will sort out where people will live, work and play. The review and update is YOUR opportunity to have a say about what Peachland should look and feel like in the future. By getting involved, YOU can help shape your community!

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