May 2016 News Release


The District of Peachland is currently reviewing its Official Community Plan (OCP) and wants to hear from the community. They want to know what the future of Peachland looks like to residents along with their priorities and values.

Director of Planning & Development, Corine Gain says, “Everyone has a role to play in creating a plan for our community. We have planned a number of fun and interactive activities in hopes that everyone will find a way to participate that works for them.”

The OCP has not been comprehensively reviewed and updated since 2001. It is the most important community visioning document that guides land use and population growth for Peachland. All other plans and regulations related to land use and growth must be consistent with the Official Community Plan.

Residents are encouraged to visit the project website to learn more about the Official Community Plan Renewal Project and ways to get involved. The website is a one stop shop for information on the project.

“We are looking for input on a number of core Official Community Plan topics”, says Director Gain. “We want to know what our community members identify as our key issues and opportunities on topics such as economic development, liveability, the environment, transportation and more. This will help us develop relevant goals and policies for the future and inform Council’s decision to adopt the new Plan.”

There are a number of events and activities happening through May and June that anyone can participate in and share their input toward a renewed community vision.

Interested individuals and groups can:

  • Complete the Citizen’s Survey at - Coming soon! Stay tuned to the website!
  • Attend the Community Visioning Drop-In Event on May 30th anytime between 4-8pm at the Peachland Community Centre for a series of fun activities aimed at gathering input. Refreshments will be served.
  • Attend the All Topics Community Drop-in Event on June 16th anytime between 4-8pm at the Peachland Community Centre for a series of activities aimed at gathering input for the Official Community Plan and providing information on other projects the District of Peachland has underway. Refreshments will be served.
  • Visit the project team at the Farmers’ Market on June 12th to learn more about the project, upcoming phases and provide input in fun and creative ways.
  • Send in photos of what they like and what could be improved in Peachland. Photos can be submitted by emailing or posting on the Peachland OCP Renewal Project Facebook page now through June 30th.

Those interested in getting involved can also sign up to become an email stakeholder by sending a request to They will then receive project updates and direct information on upcoming events and activities.

In addition to community-wide participation opportunities, the project team is offering stakeholder visioning workshops through May and June. Stakeholder groups will be contacted directly by the team and invited to attend.

The OCP Renewal Project is anticipated to run until late 2017 and offer several more creative opportunities for the public to provide input. For more information visit the website at or call the OCP Renewal Project Team at 250-767-3705.

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