Gifts and Donations

Gifts to the Community

Parks are community spaces and can be a fitting place to recognize special people or significant events. Donations are accepted from individuals, organizations and service groups, and help improve parks and public spaces.

The Donation Program is an opportunity for people to contribute to public amenities and support Peachland parks and trails. In exchange for their contribution, donors are able to recognize people or groups that are important to them.

Donation Guidelines

  • The District and the donor should both agree on the donation item and location. Before submitting any requests, donors are asked to contact the Operations Office to make sure their preferred item/location is available. The District will have final approval of available sites and specific locations for donated items.
  • Donations are governed by the Donations in Cash or Goods and Services Policy (FIN-090). The item donated is the District's property. The District will maintain the donated item as part of its regular inventory, until the end of its functional life, at no additional cost to the donor. If practical and reasonable to do so, the District will only notify the donor if it intends to dispose of a donated object. The District will endeavor to return the plaque to the donor if it is salvageable. The District reserves the right to temporarily remove the donated object for maintenance/construction or, in consultation with the donor, move it to a new location.
  • Memorial or commemorative installations are not to be used as shrines or advertisements in order to preserve public spaces for the enjoyment of all. Placement of memorial wreaths, flowers or other modifications will not be permitted.
  • Families who wish a further demonstration of inmemorium may purchase a self-watering planter to be installed beside the streetscape that was their Gift to the Community. Families can choose to plant the seasonal planter or choose to have the District plant it.

Make a Donation

The following provides general information on the Donation Program. Interested donors must complete the application form and submit it to the Operations Clerk. Your application will be reviewed and a staff member will contact you to go through the details and answer any questions.

Application Form

    The application form is available via:

Make a Payment

    Payment is made at the Municipal Office (5806 Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC V0H 1X7) via cash, cheque or debit

Locations Available for Benches & Tables

    The Operations Office has mapped locations of all items in place and has a list of locations available for benches and tables. Your request will be considered and compared with what is available. Locations to be considered include bus stops, cemetery, museum, Community Centre, skate park, tennis courts and other municipal parks. No further benches will be placed along the foreshore.

Timeframe for Placement of Your Gift to the Community

    If you are planning a memorial gathering at the site chosen for your donation, please allow 8-12 weeks from order to placement.

Types of Gifts to the Community

Park Bench
    Dedicate a park bench in a park or along a walkway or bus stop. Benches and tables purchased from October-March may not be installed until spring or as staff resources permit.

Picnic Table

    Dedicate a picnic table (including wheelchair accessible tables) in a park or along a walkway. The plaque is inlaid into the top of the table.

Tree Planting

    Planted in parks, boulevards or trails. Type of tree best suited for donorís requested location to be determined by Parks Department.

Bike Rack and Pet Stands

    Bike racks and pet stands are placed in parks, beaches or along trails.

Seasonal Planter

    To be placed at donorís preferred location or as best determined by the Parks Department. Planted seasonally by donor or by Parks Department upon request.

Memorial Plaque

    All Gifts to the Community include one plaque. Extra plaques may be purchased at any time.

Costs are subject to a 2% increase each year and are subject to review every three (3) years.

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