Members of the Task Force are appointed by Council to represent the interests of the community. The Task Force is chaired by the Mayor and includes a member of Council and six residents of Peachland.

Members of the Mayor's Task Force on Climate Change

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Mayor Cindy Fortin

Cindy, a Peachland resident for over 30 years, is a mother-of-three who worked as a nurse and journalist. She ran for Council in 2011, and became Mayor in 2014. Her major environmental concerns include water source protection and sustainability. She chairs the Task Force and is a voting Director of the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

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Councillor Terry Condon

Terry has been Peachland resident since 1999, and is a retired insurance executive and elected member of the Peachland Council. Married to Ann, they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. His hobbies are travel, reading, skiing and motorcycling.

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Marjorie Brims

Marjorie moved to the Okanagan in 1979 and Peachland in 2013 after a 34-year career with Interior Health. Interested in action-oriented, pragmatic, and innovative learning and problem-solving opportunities. Married with 1 daughter, 3 sons and a growing number of grandchildren, whose future health, enjoyment, and security drive her retirement activities.

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Dr. Michael Healey

Mike is an ecologist and environmental scientist who has taught and conducted research on fisheries and water resources management, and has advised governments in Canada, the United States, Japan and Taiwan on environmental issues and the effects of climate change. He has lived in Peachland since 2007.

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Debbie Cox

Debbie brings international leadership experience, and best practice skills, in the areas of social performance and corporate social responsibility. She has provided strategic communications and engagement advice to many of the province's largest infrastructure projects. She is committed to supporting communities to create positive change.


Wayne Power

Wayne was born and raised in BC and graduated from the University of Victoria in 1973. He and Mary retired to Peachland in 1991. Wayne brings his environmental science, public and private outdoor education, curriculum development, and facilitator knowledge, as well as communication and creative skills to the committee.


Rick Ingram

Rick is a relative newcomer to Peachland, having spent most of his career as a software entrepreneur. He is currently developing a website,, which will provide information on the science of climate change and the technologies that will help the world transition to a net zero carbon future.


Darlene Romanko

Darlene has many years' experience as a Senior Advisor for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, focusing on reducing pollution and conserving natural resources.


Berend Putt

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