2015 Civic Awards


Wedding Anniversaries
  • Chris and Audrey Scowen – Celebrated their 50th Anniversary-on Aug 14, 2015
  • Sandra and Florian Vedress – Celebrated their 50th Anniversary-May 21, 2016
  • Freedom of the Municipality
    Irene Minhinnick – Irene was born on December 31, 1915. She moved to Peachland on January 6, 1976 and has been a resident since. In recognition of her 100th Birthday, Irene was presented with the Freedom of the Municipality.

    James (Jimmy) Henry Clements was born on December 8, 1934. According to the Historical Society, James is Peachland's oldest continuous resident and he has not left Peachland for more that a few days from birth to present. He comes from a pioneer family, the Clements, and is related to the Shaw’s. In celebration of living in Peachland for more than 75 years, Albert was awarded the Freedom of the Municipality.

    Excellence in Volunteerism – Doris Muhs
    Doris is an active volunteer with the Tourist Promotions Committee, Peachland Wellness Centre, Peachland Visitors Centre, Chamber of Commerce, BEEPS and the Annual Rubber Ducky Race. She has also been integral in other start up events such as Paddlefest and the new Scarecrow Festival.

    Excellence in the Arts – Peachland Community Arts Council
    From the establishment of the Art Gallery to the many programs and events hosted by member organizations, such as the Speaker Series, street banners, event backdrops/decorating, Canada Day cake decorating, local plays and shows, adult art classes, children’s art classes, the Canada Day Urban Art project, Remembrance Day Banners and so much more, the Peachland Community Arts Council continues to be a driving force in Peachland.

    Excellence in Community Service – Dave Walker
    As an active volunteer for over 20 years, Dave has continued to be a dedicated volunteer in his roles with the Community Police and the Wellness Centre’s income tax program (CVITP).

    Excellence in Health Promotion and Community Accessibility – Peachland Wellness Centre Peachland Wellness Centre programs include such diverse activities as the Breastfeeding Café, Monday Morning Coffee for women, the Men’s Coffee and Cribbage, the Speaker’s Series and the Writer’s Unblocked. Their services include outreach, social and emotional support, transportation service and referral service connecting people with various needs. The Wellness Centre fills a void and provides a vital service in our small community.

    Excellence in Sport and Recreation – Jessie Joseph
    Growing up in Peachland, Jessie was actively involved with the Peachland Boxing Club and worked with the Visitor information Centre leading Bat Education programs and Bat Chats. She is a knowledgeable Peachland host and assists thousands of visitors coming through Peachland each day.

    Excellence in Heritage – Chris Byrd
    In 1999, Chris Byrd co-established the Friends of the Little Schoolhouse and actively assisted the restoration and ongoing support of this venue. Chris has also served on the Economic Development committee, the Historical Society and the Peachland Community Arts Council.

    Excellence Community Building – Dave and Berkeley Stuart
    Dave and Berkeley are a dynamic duo who contribute to the community in many ways. Dave is actively involved with the Lions club and Economic Development committee, and Berkeley is a tireless contributor with the Pincushion Quilt Guild, the Peachland Art Gallery, Fall Fair, Peachland Wellness Centre and Little Schoolhouse. They also assist with a variety of community recreation races and events.
    Dave and Berkeley are always the first to step up if there is any need from a committee, group, individual or even a new event. They are true Community Builders.

    Unsung Hero – Ben Oltmanns
    Ben is an active volunteer at the Peachland Wellness Centre. He listens to people and assists with questions about computers. He is a behind the scenes volunteer who always has an attentive ear and comforting words.

    Lifetime Service recipient – Albert Galpin
    This recipient has contributed 48 years of his life to various causes in Peachland. Either by donating his music or displaying his vintage car collection, Albert has participated in several festivals, events and musical groups including the Valley Music Festival, Ogopogos Barbershop Chorus, the Joymakers, Westbank Country Opry, Sunshine Singers and the Peach Pit Pickers. Albert’s contribution spans his time in Peachland making him worthy of the Lifetime Service Award.

    Councillors’ Award of Merit for 2015 – Keith Fielding
    Keith Fielding has served the community in many ways since moving to Peachland in 2000. He was a committed volunteer at both the Peachland Wellness Centre and the Seniors’ Support Society. Elected as Mayor in 2008 and serving two terms, he used his role as Mayor to actively lobby the government on issues such as the safety of Highway 97 and the lack of affordable seniors’ housing. During his term as Mayor, the two most significant development proposals in Peachland’s history were approved – the Ponderosa Pincushion development, and the New Monaco development. Keith’s other notable achievement including being the recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee as well as authoring his first published novel, Justice Delayed.

    Mayors Award of Merit for 2015 – Doris Muhs
    Doris moved to Peachland in 2008, and became an active volunteer. She has served the Tourist Promotions Committee, Peachland Wellness Centre, Peachland Visitors Centre, Chamber of Commerce, BEEPS and the Annual Rubber Ducky Race. She has also been integral in other start-up events such as Paddlefest and the new Scarecrow Festival.

    Youth Citizen of the Year – Daphne Neyedli
    A current Peachland Ambassador, Daphne is quick to serve and volunteered at 15 events in 2015. She has previously given her time with the Peachland Players, the Visitor Information Centre and Chamber of Commerce. Daphne has also traveled to many other communities representing Peachland and promoting the ambassadors program.

    2015 Citizen of the Year – Wayne Power
    Wayne is a very talented artist and community supporter. Giving freely of his time, Wayne is actively involved with the Peachland Wellness Centre, Writers Unblocked, Fall Fair, Ambassadors Program, Peachland Community Arts Council, Variety Singers, 50+ Activity Centre, Local Baha’i Community, Visitor Information Centre, 2010 Olympic Committee, Rose Show Committee, Peachland Recreation, Municipal Committees such as the Mayors Task Force on Climate Change, Historic Primary School Implementation, Compost Committee, Art Gallery User Agreement, the Centennial Committee and the Peachland Voters’ Association. Wayne’s never-ending contributions had an incredibly positive impact on our community in 2015.

    Congratulations to all of our 2015 Civic Award Recipients!!

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