Recovery Time Line

Recovery Timeline

Estimated timeline for restorative projects: August/September

  • Removal of damaged / hazard docks (5 minimum)
  • Cost estimates to repair – public building(s)
  • On site community tour with DFA Recovery Plan representative
  • DFA Recovery Plan submission is initiated with first few projects underway
  • Environmental and DFA approvals in place for work start
  • Creek Assessments on Deep Creek and Trepanier Creek
  • Foreshore assessment - Structural and Shoreline Engineers
  • Remediation work in municipally owned buildings


  • Debris and sedimentation removal at two water intakes
  • Review of Structural Engineer’s assessment report, recommendations and options
  • Review of Shoreline Engineer’s assessment report, recommendations and options
  • Financial summaries for recoveries continue


  • Budget and option analysis will begin
  • Council reviews engineer design options

2018 - January/February/March/April

  • Major projects on shoreline planned for rehabilitation
  • Projects scheduled as approved by Council
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