Public Engagement

2016 is going to be an exciting year for Peachland! An Official Community Plan Update is one of the key action items in the District of Peachland Corporate Strategic Plan. We anticipate that this and several other projects on our work plan will involve hearing from you. In fact, we want everyone in the community to be involved in creating a vision for the future and in shaping policies to guide development towards that refreshed vision.

How you would like to participate in the consultation process?

We hope to create opportunities for information and opinion exchange that are efficient, transparent and result in effective decision-making. We look forward to exploring new ways of exchanging information and ideas, but we’re also aware of the need to be practical and manage expectations. We are a small community; we have limited resources. As we move forward with the process of refreshing the community’s vision for the next twenty years we need to focus on realistic goals and things that are “do-able”.

We’re going to be consulting on a number of issues throughout 2016 and 2017, from secondary suite policies to community-wide parks planning. We want to create the opportunity for you to be involved; to collaborate and to have your ideas heard. We’ll use what we hear from the community to guide us.

We want your feedback.

Tell us how you would like to be informed and how you would like to participate in planning for Peachland’s future. Do you want to get your information through the website? How about a newsletter? Would you like to go to a public workshop? Do you want to tell us what you think at the Farmer’s Market? Would you like to send us photos of what you like and don’t like about Peachland? Participate in a survey? We’re open to ideas. Send us ideas about how you would like to participate via post (5806 Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC V0H 1X7) or fax (250-767-3433), send us an email (planning@, visit our website ( or office, telephone (250-767-2647) or stop us on the street to chat. We want to know what works best for you. Everyone has a role to play in creating a plan for the community.