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Alternative Approval Process


Local governments can use the Alternative Approval Process under Part 4, Division 2 of the Community Charter as a method to gauge public opinion in regard to certain types of proposed bylaws, agreements, or other matters. It is most commonly used in relation to long-term borrowing bylaws. It is a less expensive option than using a referendum to gauge public opinion. It can be used whenever the legislation requires the District to obtain the approval of the electors.

The method by which the electors express their opinion is by signing the Elector Response Form and submitting it to the Corporate Officer before the set deadline. In order for Council to proceed with a certain proposal the District must receive LESS than 10% of the Elector Responds, which are OPPOSED to Council proceeding with the proposal. Therefore, if more than 10% of the Electors sign the Elector Response Forms opposing the action then Council may not proceed with action unless they conduct a referendum and the referendum gives approval with a majority vote.