Amenity Contributions

Community Amenity Contributions

New growth comes at a cost since new residents and employers place demands on community infrastructure and amenities, these must be expanded / upgraded to meet this increased need. Municipalities then must have a strategy to pay for the capital costs of amenities that are necessary to create attractive, livable communities.

CACs, meant for capital amenity projects, are separate from Development Cost Charges (DCCs), which are meant for “hard services” capital infrastructure (sewer, water, reservoirs, etc.).

New community amenities and updating/upgrading of existing facilities are important to the quality of life of Peachland citizens. Amenities and facilities convey a positive community image. The reality has been that funding for amenities is difficult or near unaffordable. For this reason the District of Peachland has implemented an amenity contribution policy to address this issue into the future.

Amenity Contribution Bylaw and Policy