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Animal control


Bear awareness information is available at:

The Ministry of Environment Conservation Officer Service Reporting Human Wildlife Conflicts webpage Provides excellent, up-to-date information including, but not limited to who to contact, information on the Bear Aware and Bear Smart Programs and links to resources to help provide tips and strategies on how to reduce conflicts including: 10 Tips for Dealing with Bears; Safety Guide to Bears at your Home; and Safety Guide to Bears in the Wild.

WildSafeBC is a program designed to reduce human-wildlife conflict through education, innovation and cooperation Wild Safe BC

Be Bear Aware!


Call the Public Works Office at 250-767-2108 and be prepared to answer the following questions:
    What colour are the cows? Black? Black/White, Brown/White, White?
    What colour are the tags? Orange? Yellow? White? Blue?
    Are there several cows with different colour tags?
    Where are the cows?
    How many cows are there?
    Do you see a brand? Do all the cows have the same brand?
    What does the brand look like?
    Can you take a picture of the brand? cow? tag?
Cows showing up in the upper areas of Peachland come from Garnet Valley in Summerland, also from ranges west of Garnet valley (Dark Lake, Eneas Lake), ranges from Headwaters (high above Peachland), and as far away as Hedley and Keremeos!!

Cows walk through gates left open, or fences that are down, and in the fall make their way down to "warmer" grazing. The cowboys might have to drive 2hrs or more to come and do a round-up so having some good descriptions makes a huge difference in making the call to the right person. There are at least 6 to 8 different names to call so descriptions and pictures makes the job of round-up go a lot faster.


Dead Deer on Highway 97 Road shoulder are the responsibility of Highways maintenance to pickup. Call Argo Road Maintenance at 250.493.6969 with the location of the dead animal.

Dead Deer on Peachland road shoulders will be picked up by the District Crew. Call the Public Works office at 250.767.2108 with the location of the dead animal.

After hours, evenings and weekends the crew will not be called out to pickup a dead animal. Please report the location to the public works office at 250.767.2108 or to the after-hours phone 250-868-1621. The crew will pickup the dead animal the next working day.

Please note, the District crew will not pickup injured animals, nor will they kill injured animals. As sad and difficult as it may seem, the injured animal must survive to live another day, or die of its injuries and then will be picked up. From January to March 2009 the crew picked up 50 dead deer within the boundaries of Peachland. It is not an unusual occurance.