Bed & Breakfast

A Municipal Business Licence is required to operate a Bed & Breakfast in the District of Peachland. The property will require a site visit from the District's Building Inspector and Fire Inspector to ensure the location complies with the BC Building Code, BC Fire Code and District of Peachland Bylaws before a Business Licence is issued.

Bed & Breakfast General Requirements

    1) Bed & Breakfast must be listed as an authorized use in the specific zone of the property.

    2) A Bed & Breakfast shall only be conducted within a principle dwelling unit

    3) A Bed & Breakfast is not permitted on a lot that contains a secondary or garden suite

    4) An occupant of the principle dwelling shall be the operator of the Bed & Breakfast

    5) No more than four (4) bedrooms shall be used for the Bed & Breakfast

    6) No more than eight (8) patrons, including boarders and lodgers shall be accommodated at any time

    7) No bedroom shall include a kitchen

    8) Parking of cars, trucks and recreational vehicles operated by the patrons shall be provided for on the lot

    9) No patrons shall stay within the same dwelling for more than thirty (30) days in a twelve (12) month period