Centennial Corner

CENTENNIAL CORNER was an informative column on activities that were planned for Peachland's 100th birthday year.
Rotary Clock
Located at 3rd Street in front of the Municipal Hall.

Easter Bonnet Contest & Tea

Sunday, April 12, 2009, a Centennial Easter Tea and Easter Bonnet Contest. For pictures go to the Centennial Photos page.

Peachland to be on TV on Wednesday April 8, 2009!
A segment of the CHBC News at 5.00 pm this Wednesday will be devoted to Peachland! The show will include the antique fire cart recently completed by Peachland Fire and Rescue as well as a performance of the Ballad of Peachland by Larry Sundstrom and Dave Humes..

Stockwell Day presents $11,900 for Centennial Celebrations
At an event on February 28 2009 at the Peachland Museum, Stockwell Day, MP and Minister of International Trade, presented a cheque to the Centennial Committee on behalf of Heritage Canada. The funds are to be used towards Peachland's Centennial Celebrations.

Spirit Square Grand Opening Ceremony.
The Centennial Committee took part in the ceremony to celebrate the completion of Spirit Square. A Table of centennial information was set up in the Rotary Pavillion. Also present were Mayor, Councillors, Municipal Staff, General Public, Volkssport Club, Shaw Cable, The Peachland Pipe Band, and the Spirit of BC Committee.

More Centennial Memorabilia now available!
Centennial Key chains, Collector pins and magnets are now available at The Treasure Chest and at Peachland Pharmacy. A wide selection of souvenir items including coffee tumblers, beer mugs, salt and pepper shakers, bar items, flasks, toothpick holders etc. are available at MarketPlace IGA. Many of theses items make great Christmas gifts!


Based on discussions with the Peachland Centennial Committee, the well-established and respected Murchie's Tea and Coffee Company (founded 1898) has produced a new tea which will be called the "Peachland Centennial Tea." Their description of the tea is "Rich, Black Teas and Pure Peach Nectar blended to celebrate the Centennial of the Incorporation of Peachland 1909." This tea is already being sold in the Murchie stores in Vancouver and Victoria and is their featured tea for July. The tea will also be sold world-wide as part of the mail-order section of the company. Locally, the tea, in 50-bag boxes, is available at MarketPlace IGA and is expected shortly at both Bliss Bakery and Rocky Top coffee shops.

The Peachland Centennial Committee is delighted that such a well-known company has produced a product specifically marking Peachland's Centennial; it also met a need in the Murchie array of products in that, up to this point, they had not produced a peach-flavoured tea. This tea is intended to be a permanent addition to the teas available from Murchie's and its production is expected to continue indefinitely.


The first Centennial Project to be completed is the "Harmony Tree", a joint project between a group of seven Peachland Seniors and the Grade 1 students of Gail Thiesmann at Peachland Elementary School. The project was coordinated by Wendy Howard of the Peachland Wellness Centre, together with Gail Thiesmann and her assistant Akiko Ogata. On Friday June 20th this completed project was presented to Mayor Graham Reid, representing the District of Peachland, at the Peachland Library. The project will be on display at the Library during summer 2008 and then return to the Elementary School when school resumes in September.


Saturday May 3 marked the opening of the Centennial Office in the Peachland Museum. On hand were Gordon Sanderson - Peachland's longest resident - as well as Mayor Graham Reid, Councillors Jean Fraser, Terry Condon, and Gord Thorne, MP Stockwell Day, and Peachland Ambassadors Lara Mayoss-Hurd and Zachary Moshansky. Introductions were made by Centennial Chairman Chris Scowen; the banner outside the museum was unveiled by Graham Reid and Stockwell Day; the ribbon was cut by Gordon Sanderson, who also made the first cut in the splendid 2 foot by 4 foot birthday cake made by Harry Gough and staff at MarketPlace IGA. Many thanks are due to Bert Caffrey and Jack Stewart of the Peachland Pipe Band for their excellent piping as the dignitaries arrived at the museum; to the Lions for providing drinks and hotdogs to everyone free of charge; and to Ken James of the Citizens on Patrol for controlling the traffic as the ceremony took place.


Thanks to the continued generosity of Peachland Rotary Club, Centennial bumper (or window) stickers were handed out to all the attendees at the Opening of Centennial Central on May 3rd and are now available free of charge to any resident of Peachland who would like one. They will be available, while the supply lasts, when hours of operation of Centennial Central are established and also at future Centennial events as they occur. You can also arrange to pick one up by contacting any of the Peachland Centennial Steering Committee

Governor General invited to open the 2009 Fall Fair

Her Excellency the Right Honourable MichaŽlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, has been invited by Peachland Mayor Graham Reid to visit Peachland on September 12, 2009 and officially open the 90th Fall Fair. If the invitation is accepted, it would parallel the event of October 9, 1919, when the then Governor General, The Duke of Devonshire, opened the Fair.

Peachland secures the 2009 Senior Chorfest of the BC Choral Federation

Thanks primarily to the efforts of Phyllis Papineau, Peachland has won the competition to host the 2009 Senior Chorfest, to be held April 22-24 2009. This three-day event will draw up to 300 choir members from across the province in both workshops and performances. Previous Chorfests have sold out far in advance of final performances.

Rotary Club to organize the 2009 New Year's Evening Gala Ball

Many thanks to the Peachland Rotary Club for agreeing to organize the Gala event on December 31, 2009 (see Centennial Events). This gala will be called the Rotary Centennial Ball and will be organized by the Rotary Club as a non-profit community service.

Peachland to participate in the 2009 Communities in Bloom competition

At its meeting on Nov 13, 2007, Council gave approval for Peachland to participate in the 2009 Communities in Bloom Competition. (Since this is a municipal event and will occur after the current Council's term expires, ratification by the new Council will be required).