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Communities in Bloom 2009


WE WON! FIVE BLOOMS! Communities in Bloom 2009 Provincial Winners!

UPDATE: Judges Tour! July 23, 2009.
  • Judges Itinerary
  • Community Profile Book - see below
  • Peachland - Communities in Bloom 2009

    Peachland participated in the 2009 Communities in Bloom competition as one of our centennial projects. In 2002 we received "Three Bloom Award" and in 2003 Peachland was awarded a "Four Bloom Award".

    Communities in Bloom is for the WHOLE community! Who can participate?

    • Local Business Improvement or Chamber of Commerce organizations,
    • Elderly Care Facilities,
    • Garden Clubs,
    • Churches,
    • Golf Courses,
    • Residential neighbourhoods,
    • Community gardens
    • and essentially any group that wants to feature a project that adds value to your community.

    The criteria on which the community will be judged are:



    Cover Page Table of Contents Peachland History CIB Committee CIB Committee Long Term Aims

    Parks and Trails

    Parks Cover Page Heritage Park Waterfront Walkway 13th Street Pier Wilcox Garden Elizabeth Warrendorf Trail Arthur Street Trail


    Competitions Cover Page Garden Competition Best Bloomin Sign


    Tidiness Cover Page Pitch In Week Harolds Walkway Painted PIpe
    Includes an overall tidiness effort made the municipality, businesses and private citizens of the community. Tidiness of greenspaces, medians, streets, sidewalks, ditches, road shoulders, signage, vacant lots and buildings with regard to garbage, weeds, maintenance and repair, dog droppings, notices, posters graffiti and vandalism.


    Environmental Effort Cover Page Solid Waste Containers Water Meters Carbon Emission Planning Riparian Rejuvenation
    Includes such things as policies and bylaws, programs for education and practicing the ideas of sustainable development, water conservation gardens, pesticide free gardens, waste reduction, landfill sites, hazardous waste collection, sewage disposal, transfer/recycling stations and various recycling initiatives.


    Community Involvement Cover Page Mural Marigolds Boys & Girls Club Harmony Tree Rotary Clock (1)
    Rotary Clock (2)
    Meditation Garden
    Includes citizens form the private, municipal and corporate sector (including all forms of local businesses) and their involvement in various community projects. Volunteers involved in long and short-term projects and recreational programs such as coaches, team managers, clubs, services groups and sports clubs.


    Heritage Cover Page Museum Facelift Museum Washrooms Little Schoolhouse Fire Hall Hose Cart
    Includes efforts made by municipal, corporate (including all forms of local businesses) and private citizens to preserve heritage within their community. Support and attention to museums, archives, history books and interpretative programs, policies and bylaws, preservation and restoration of buildings, cemeteries, parks, heritage gardens, trees, monuments and artifacts, historical societies and advisory committees.


    Urban Forestry Cover Page Pine Beetle Hazard Trees Curtain Burner Fire Hazard Mitigation Tree Planting
    Includes the efforts made by municipal, corporate (including all forms of local busiensses) and private citizens in regards to urban forestry, it includes any written policies, bylaws and regulations, short and long-term plans, maintenance, (IPM, Pruning, etc) new plantings, heritage trees and woodlots, preservation of trees and succession planting. As well, it is an effort in developing concepts and designs around existing trees or to include new plantings.


    Cenotaph Park Seniors Housing Stone Table & Benches
    Includes the efforts made by municipal, corporate adn private citizens in regards to creating an environment where the plants form an essential element of the whole surroundings. It includes overall design and suitability for location and/or use, the use of native plant materials or introduction of new materials, a balance of plant material and constructed elements, harmony (colour, texture and shape), integration of art elements and high standards of maintenance and site rejuvenation and rehabilitation.


    Floral Displays Cover Page Pots, Baskets & Banners
    Includes the efforts made by municipal, corporate (including all forms of local businesses) and private citizens. It includes the arrangements of flowers and plants, originality, distribution, location, diversity and balance, harmony, quality and maintenance. This pertains to flower beds, carpet bedding, containers, baskets, window boxes - annuals, perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses etc.


    Turf Areas Cover Page Turf Areas
    Includes the efforts made by municipal, corporate (including all forms of local businesses) and private citizens. It includes the quality of naturalization, the use of groundcovers and wildflowers, turf management (manicured to rough), maintenance (mowing height/frequency, Integrated Pest Management, fertilization programs, irrigation, water restrictions) Areas include private homes, public buildings, municipal and private sports fields and athletic parks.

    For more information on how you can participate in Communities in Bloom, please call the Gord Thorne, Committee Chairman at 250-767-9435 or Polly Palmer, Corporate Officer at 250-767-2647.