Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP)


The District of Peachland was asked to be a Pilot Community for the BC Hydro CEEP Quickstart Program. In partnership with BC Hydro and the Community Energy Association (CEA) a collaborative workshop was held with key stakeholders within the community to develop a CEEP. The process was efficient for the District in terms of time and resources needed to complete such a plan. Some key initiatives flowing from CEEP have included the creation of a Committee of Council (The Mayor's Task Force on Climate Change). Moreover, the Citizens Advisory Committee on Climate Change (CACCC) is comprised of local representation from community organizations within Peachland. This committee meets from time to time with the Mayor's Task Force. This has been done as a community outreach initiative to advocate for citizen led GHG Reduction so that the District can meets it's commitments as a signatory to the British Columbia Climate Action Charter.

Final CEEP and Plan Charts