June 2019

The Province of BC has moved the Okanagan to a Level 3 drought rating as a precautionary measure based on low snowpack and dry conditions. Although snowpack levels were low in the District's watershed, the reservoirs are full. Low snowpack over the winter months combined with a warm spring has led to a rapid and early shift from the spring melt season to low flow conditions. With warmer than normal weather forecasted for the summer, we should prepare for what could be a very dry season. Drought Level 3 indicates that serious ecosystem or socioeconomic impacts are possible and calls for voluntary water use reductions from all water users, including residents, industry, farmers and municipalities. The suggested target is a 30% reduction in water use. Please read the bulletin above for more information.

We continue to be in Stage 1 water restrictions and ask that residents use water responsibly to help mitigate the need for further restrictions. Stage 1 water restrictions remain in effect regardless of the abundance of water as the restrictions reduce water consumption which decreased the demand on the reservoirs and reduces water treatment costs. There are 4 stages of water restrictions with Stage 1 being the least restrictive and Stage 4 being the most restrictive. The status of the District's water storage is evaluated frequently and changes may occur at any time.

For further conservation or drought information in the Okanagan please visit the following websites: