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Economic Development


Website: Tourism and Economic Development Committee

The Tourism and Economic Development Committee is an advisory committee to Council. Its purpose is to identify, investigate, analyze and periodically report to Council on matters affecting or having the potential to affect, the growth, prosperity and economic well being of the community.


  • Economic Development Support for Peachland - Downtown Sustainability
  • Communication on Economic Development and Economic Impact Issues
  • Economic Development Coordination with Regional District and the District of Peachland
  • Develop and keep current an inventory of business space and land in Peachland
  • Develop a scope for a future "Enterprise Centre"
    • Venue and expertise for one on one Business Advice / Referral
    • Take home information source on "starting a business"
    • Business and Marketing guidelines / templates
    • Use of business reference library with WIFI service
    • Venture Seminars to help forge new business partnerships/Alliances

Economic Impact Analysis of Major Development Projects in Peachland

Economic Impact Analysis - Executive Summary

Peachland Commercial and Industrial Lands

The District of Peachland has a variety of lands zoned for a variety of uses including, residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial to name a few. The link below provides a map showing all those lands within the District that are zoned Commercial and Industrial.

Commercial and Industrial Lands Map


CHAIR: Jack Gerow

SECRETARY:David Moorhouse



Jack Gerow

Keith Thom

David Moorhouse

Erin Chadwick

John Bowyer

Peter Schierbeck

Councillor Pete Coolio

Councillor Mike Kent


Cory Labrecque



The Peachland Economic Development Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of March, May, June, September, and November at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers. All meetings are open to the public. Please see the community calendar for meeting agendas. Minutes may be viewed on the PEDC website, click here to view the website.

Highlights of some of PEDC Contributions to the Community

  • The “Peachland on the Lake” Logo – a result of a PEDC initiated Public Contest –
  • The Peachland Arts Council – PEDC had a representative attend early Arts Council meetings to assist in the early days.
  • First Peachland Brochure – This was a PEDC initiative.
  • Peachland became a part of the Circle Tour – This was the town`s introduction to the Ministry of Tourism.
  • The Rotary Sponsored Mural on Beach Avenue – The idea for an improved entrance to town was originally raised at the PEDC.
  • Symposium 98 – Nov 14, 1998. The PEDC sponsored a local Symposium aimed at developing an economic strategy for Peachland.
  • Peachland First Campaign
  • Tourist Info Centre – 1999
  • The Peachland Chamber of Commerce The idea for the Chamber was formally initiated as an outcome from the Symposium 98 meeting.
  • The Peachland Survey of Areas of Community Interest
  • The Peachland 2015 Vision Sessions and Report
  • Cultural Tourism Committee
  • The Peachland Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market – The idea for a market was initiated by a PEDC Committee .
  • The Highway #97 Task Force – Following a presentation by John Abernethy about the positive impacts on town of a Scenic Waterfront Drive and a Highway #97 by-pass around Peachland.
  • A Day Wharf Public Pier proposal grew out of the above survey and the Visioning Report. The PEDC presented this proposal to the District in July 2008. District staff are reviewing the concept.