Specific: Energy Requirements (Step Code)

As of May 1, 2023, Peachland requires projects to meet the new requirements of the BC Building Code Energy Requirements which is the equivalent to Step Code 3 for Part 9 buildings (9.36 BCBC) and Step Code 2 for Part 3 buildings (Part 10 BCBC). See the information bulletins and compliance checklists on the website Energy Step Code.

BC Step Code


As of May 1, 2023, the BC Building Code (the Code) requires 20%-better energy efficiency for most new buildings in B.C. This is equivalent to Step 3 for Part 9 buildings and Step 2 for Part 3 buildings. A new Zero Carbon Step Code provides tools to local governments to incentivize or require new construction. This is a significant milestone in B.C.'s transition towards energy efficient and zero carbon new buildings. Upper Steps are still available for local government opt-in. This website will be further updated to reflect these changes.Learn more about the new building code requirements.

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