Gifts to the Community


It is acknowledged that donations, in cash or goods and services, are valuable for the betterment of the community and allow for the provision of facilities and programs that would not otherwise be feasible. Therefore, it is the policy of the Corporation of the District of Peachland to encourage and accept meaningful and practical donations that will add to the enjoyment of the community by its residents.

  • The District will encourage and may accept meaningful and practical donations that will add to the enjoyment of the community of its residents and which will support an overall plan for the District.
  • Gifts identified on approved “contribution lists” shall be accepted.
  • Gifts not on an approved “contribution list” must be approved by the Municipal Council.
  • Gifts of cash or other monetary considerations, unless specified otherwise, shall be used exclusively for capital projects.
  • Active solicitation programs by the District or individual departments will be permitted if first approved by Council.
  • The District is affiliated with a number of charitable causes. Should the District identify a donor whose gift would be better suited to an affiliated organization, the District’s representative shall make the donor aware of that organization.
  • All gifts will be acknowledged with a letter from the Mayor.
  • Tax receipts will be issued for income tax purposes, upon request.

Partnership Program - Streetscape Components: Benches, picnic tables, litter receptacles, bicycle racks, street trees, street lights.

Benches: A memorial tribute is a lasting legacy - to honour the memory of a friend or loved one and to the community where the furnishing is placed. Memorial benches may be placed on municipal sidewalks, parks or trails located within town.

Please call the Operations Office at 250.767.2108 for more information.