Green Credits


The purpose of establishing a green credits policy is to provide a water consumption credit to qualifying irrigation water users, with properties between ½ and 2 acres in size (referred to as "grey area properties‟) which qualify annually under certain food production criteria.

Do you Qualify?

You may be eligible for a credit for water consumption costs if:

  • Your property is between 1/2 and 2 acres and does not have farm status.
  • You grow food for direct human consumption on at least 1/4 acre of your property.
  • You have a water efficient irrigation system in place.
  • You have a separate meter to record irrigation consumption.
For your information read through the Green Credit Policy above or stop in at the District main office or Public Works office for an application form (also available above).

Green Credits Appeal Committee

Three volunteers are needed to serve on a committee, which will hear appeals to decisions involving the District’s newly implemented Green Credits Policy, for reducing irrigation costs. Minimal time commitment is expected and meetings will be convened in accordance with committee members’ schedules.