The District Municipality of Peachland was incorporated by Letters Patent on January 1, 1909. As it was deemed necessary to construct a power dam on Trepanier Creek to bring the new wonder of electricity to this small community, it was also required that incorporation be done so that debentures could be raised and the required works installed. ‘Tis no small wonder that this came about with the independent farmers and rebellious settlers usually unable to agree on very little common ground. The town persevered, settled down and grew, while the sagacious Council of the day puffed their pipes and mulled over the concerns of the rocky slopes and deer pastures that citizens were attempting to turn into orchards. Houses and businesses were constructed along the shores of Ogopogo’s Lake.

A Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed by courageous young men of our beloved Peachland and descendents of this service group are still attending to fires and emergencies some 93 years later.

Initially the Peachland Volunteers only had fire buckets and shovels to combat structure and brush fires in the Municipality. History is a bit sketchy for several decades thereafter but it is known that some hydrants were connected to the wood-stave pipe bringing creek water to the townspeople for domestic and irrigation purposes. A wagon wheel hose reel was obtained and remained in service until well past mid century. Mysteriously this old hose reel has disappeared and Peachland is without a fine piece of heritage.

Peachland Fire Chiefs since 1909
M. McCall1909 - 1918
H. McCall1918 - 1929
H. Williams1929 - 1930
Mr. Scriver1930 - 1931
J.F. Hampson1931 - 1933
E.A. Baptist Dec1933 - 1934
S. Dell1934 - 1936
C.T. Redstone 1936 - 1946
Z. Witt1947 - 1948
R. Redstone1948 - 1950
A.S. Miller1950 - 1951
L.B. Fulks 1951 - 1953
R. Lloyd-Jones1954 - 1957
C.R. Haker1957 - 1964
D. Careless1964 - 1969
J.R. Davies1971 - 1973
J.R. Davies1973 - 1980
D. Wilson1980 - 2004
G. Topham2004 - 2013
D. Craig2013 - present