Imagine Art

Imagine Art

Imagine Art Fall 2018 Workshops

6 years and over

Collaborate with your child/grandchild to explore new and exciting artistic forms of expression. Different mediums and techniques will be used to help you create a work of art and countless memories. This program requires adult participation. Preregistration required.

Sundays - 1-3 pm

Community Centre Banquet Room

$20/Child and $15/Additional Child

Fall Schedule:

Think Ink: October 7 Wayne - Explore shape, scale, and perspective to create a composition with washable ink on glossy paper.

Amazing Murals: October 21 Rena - Using acrylic paint on hardboard tiles, you will collaborate with your fellow students to create a public art installation for everyone to see.

Ready to Rock! - Rock Painting: November 4 Heather - Turn simple stones into beautiful works of art. You will use acrylic paint to create intricate designs and vibrant colours on a 3-dimensional surface.

Owl be Seeing You - Mixed Media: November 18 Heather - Let your imagination take flight and create a mixed media owl that combines acrylic paint with textured, collage elements.

Watercolour Wonders: November 25 Wayne - Create a watercolour pencil composition to explore a world of colour and bring your vivid imagination to life.