Meet our Fitness Instructors

Dawn Boys - Therapeutic Yoga, Therapeutic Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yoga Workshops
1000 hr RYT, RAYWC
Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Counsellor

Dawn has been involved in the fitness industry since the late 80's after receiving her degree in Recreation Facilities Management. She began as a group fitness leader, weight trainer and personal trainer. For over 15 of these years, Dawn worked as a Physio, Chiropractic and Occupational Therapy assistant. From the mid 90's Dawn has been leading yoga classes in the tradition of Ashtanga, Hatha, Therapeutic and Ayurveda yoga and still teaches in a blend of these styles as well as teaching high risk, addictions, sports specific and trauma based yoga. As a mother of 3 teens, she has run pre & post natal, kids and teens yoga classes since her first pregnancy 21 years ago.

Randey Brophy - Mini Kickers Soccer & Mini Batters T-Ball
Level 2 Community Coaching, Technical and Practical, for soccer and baseball

Over the past 24 years, Randey has coached over 750 boys and girls in both soccer and baseball on community youth teams in Vancouver, from ages 5-18. He was president of Pont Grey Youth Soccer, the 2nd largest youth soccer club in Vancouver (1350 boys and girls) from 2002-2008 and was on the Board of Directors of Vancouver Youth Soccer (representing 9000 children) from 2003-2008. Since moving to Peachland with his wife Allie in 2015, he has taught Mini Kickers intro to soccer each quarter for 4-6 year olds at the Peachland Community Centre. A total of approximately 120 children have taken part, most from Peachland but some from Summerland and West Kelowna too.

Randey co-coached a team of twelve 6 year old Peachland boys this past season in the neighbouring Westside Youth Soccer Club and will be coaching them again this upcoming soccer season. Most of those boys started playing soccer in the Peachland Mini Kickers program.

Randey believes the best way for a young child to learn a team sport is to make it fun and keep it positive. He has found over the years that young kids learn to dribble a soccer ball much quicker if they are playing ‘keep away’ from a coach or parent than if someone is just telling them to go around cones. They should all have a ball at their feet or a bat in their hand as much as possible, allowing them to win against parents/coaches at practice as much as possible. Kids all develop at different rates but if you keep it positive, they will keep coming back because they want to, and will learn individual, team and social skills that will benefit each of them throughout their lives.

Janet Costley - Yoga for Your Back & Therapeutic Flow Yoga
E-RYT 200H in Hatha/Ashtanga Vinyasa and 4 levels of Critical Alignment Therapy

Janet Costley

Janet’s yoga path began when a motor vehicle accident left her in chronic pain and facing a life on opiates and/or spinal fusion were her only options. Not willing to accept this she found yoga at the beginning of her self-healing journey. Janet completed her first E-RYT 200H in Hatha/Ashtanga Vinyasa traditions in 2013 and has continued as a student of yoga since. She completed all 4 levels of Critical Alignment Therapy and is the only certified CAT therapist in the Okanagan. This therapy specializes in mobilizing and restoring the spine to allow it to function how it was originally intended. She also has specialized training in Yoga for Cancer, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Myofascia yoga.

'Yoga for Your Back' is focused on releasing tensions in your spine through the use of breath work and gravity of your own body relaxing on soft props (spinal strip and blanket/towel roll). We then move towards strengthening and stabilizing the spine in its neutral alignment to access more freedom of movement. Once this is achieved you will begin to recognize how to move from your neutral which will allow increased energy and can lead to improved mobility and performance in all activities.

'Therapeutic Flow Yoga' will combine some therapy with Hatha, Ashtanga (Power)-inspired yoga incorporating breath with movement. This class will challenge and move your body while quieting the mind. Expect to improve strength and flexibility in learning yoga postures with guided alignment cues. Modifications will always be provided.

If you can breathe, you can practice yoga. This practice has given me so much I would love to share what I have learned with you so that we all can be on this beautiful journey together...

Fadrina Gaudenzi – HIIT Fit
Certified Fitness Trainer

Fadrina grew up in Switzerland then moved to Salmon Arm when she was 11. In 2014 she moved up north to Yellowknife then Whitehorse. Fadrina moved back to the beautiful Okanagan in November 2017. Fadrina has often designed workouts using the HIIT, Tabata, and other interval timed class format. She enjoys using equipment to enhance functional fitness, such as resistance bands, Bosu balls, steppers, kettle bells, medicine balls, free weights, and a lot of body weight movements to keep workouts interesting! No workout will ever be the same with her. Fadrina’s focus is on giving clients the tools they need to live a healthy and fit life with fast, effective and fun workouts! Anyone is welcome to her classes as long as one is ready to work hard. She offers lots of modifications to different fitness levels, showing up is the hardest part!

Frances Jones - Spin, Core & Stretch
Bachelor's Degree, Sports Science
Certified Exercise Physiologist

Frances was born in Wales in the UK, where she completed university in Nottingham and obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science. Shortly after, she moved to Canada where she became a Certified Exercise Physiologist through CSEP. Over the years, Frances has been a personal trainer, performed fitness assessments and Exercise Stress Testing, and for the last few years has been a Group Fitness Instructor. She loves teaching Spin, where the class is pushed to work hard, sweat, and all reach the finish line together.

Frances is a mother to two girls and as a family, they enjoy rock climbing and taking part in what the Okanagan has to offer. Frances loves teaching in Peachland where she is so happy to be a part of the Peachland fitness team.

Roberta Meakin - Pickleball Clinics

As an advanced level tennis player, Roberta Meakin has had years of private lessons and training. She competed in many tournaments in the Okanagan Valley area in both singles and doubles. These tennis skills were highly transferrable into the sport of Pickleball. She began playing Pickleball in 2011, where she started as a 4.5 level player and won her first Canadian Nationals Silver medal in 2013. Roberta became a tournament rated 5.0 player in 2016. She has won many tournaments in the USA and Canada. Her crowning achievement for Canada is 8 medals at the Canadian Nationals Tournament, the largest in Canada, in the last 6 years. She is a sponsored Canadian pro player with Paddletek, one of the premiere paddle makers in the USA.

As an instructor, Roberta has been teaching/coaching players in the Okanagan Valley since 2013. She teaches for 9 recreation centres (Penticton, Oliver, Peachland, West Kelowna, Rutland, Okanagan Mission, Watson Road in Kelowna, Lake Country & Princeton). Roberta believes that forming good technique for Beginner and Novice players is very important when starting out. This will help to prevent injury and those bad habits that are harder to break later on. Roberta specializes in helping Novice players work toward Intermediate level play in a fun and encouraging environment.

Roberta is also a childrens ballet instructor and has taught everything from fun beginners classes to exam and pre-professional level classes with serious students. Ballet technique is very detailed. It also requires hands-on correction so that students can “feel” the correct movement. Roberta uses this unique set of skills in her work as a Pickleball instructor. She is a motivated and encouraging teacher, that likes her students to have fun, be challenged and work towards goals. She works with all levels of players from Beginner to Advanced.

Carla Miller - Functional Fitness & Introduction to Functional Fitness
BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Specializing in Third Age Fitness for Seniors

Carla has over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry and has been currently teaching successful classes within the last 5 years in the Peachland community. Below is a breakdown of the classes she teaches and the format.

Functional Fitness: A 1.25 hour class with a warm-up, building on a complete full body workout using weights, balls, bands and different compound exercises to burn body fat and keep your muscles strong and flexible. There is a floor component for core work and abdominals, as well as finishing with a fantastic cool down stretch. This class is at 4th St Place.

Introduction to Functional Fitness: This is a low intensity full body workout class. The focus is on improving coordination, strength and balance using a variety of equipment. This class is offered at 4th St. Place.

All participants are required to fill out a medical Par-Q waiver before starting.

Tessa Murray - Flow Yoga
E-RYT® 200 Yoga Alliance
2018 Best of Kelowna Bronze winner

Tessa feels fortunate to be sharing Yoga for the past several years with an amazing, diverse community of people. She was first drawn to Yoga while in high school. She thought Yoga would be a great balance to her passions of riding horses and fitness training. It didn’t take long for her to discover many more benefits Yoga provides beyond the physical ones such as bringing balance mentally and energetically. She took Yoga teacher training in 2010 and it became her full time job in 2012. She feels it a privilege to have practiced and trained in many styles of Yoga and discover what Yoga is for her. She tries to bring that across to students in a safe, creative, accessible, and empowering way. Tessa feels honoured to be part of the process of bringing Yoga into your life.

Carole Patané - Zumba and Chair Zumba
Certified Zumba Instructor
STRONG certified for Zumba

Carole fell in love with Zumba in 2010 and became a regular participant to a local Zumba class. In 2012 she was encouraged to certify as a Zumba Instructor with the incentive that upon completion she had a venue to teach in. Since then, Carole has been an active Zumba instructor and is certified to teach Zumba on the Circuit, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Step and Zumba Sentao. Carole comes from a Health Care Background (Nursing & Recreation) of over 37 years and is sensitive to the class needs, abilities and challenges. Before Zumba, Carole faced some health issues and Zumba helped with the healing process. Carole is the girl to make you sweat - every class she wants you to grab the Latin "flavor", challenge yourself and leave with a smile, proud of everything you have accomplished.

Emma Webber - POUND

Emma fell in love with Pound at first strike! The feeling, the energy, the music - it was like nothing she had ever tried before. She had been attending a class for about 18 months before completing her Pound Pro training in June 2017, and have since then met some amazing, fearless and funny woman!

In our class you’ll sweat, you’ll laugh and you’ll ROCK! We all get to be FITNESS REBELS in Pound! Any age and any stage, modifications are throughout and drum solos are encouraged! You are doing it right if you are smiling (and sweating!).

Pound is a cardio jam session inspired by the fun of playing the drums! You have a set of slightly weighted Ripstix in your hands and we just rock out to awesome music! You’ll be doing squats, lunges, arm reps (all modified) and we Pound sitting on the floor for an ab workout too!

Come and ROCK with us and MAKE NOISE and meet the amazing Posse that challenge each other everyday!

Emma and her husband live in Peachland. They have two young boys who attend the local Elementary school/preschool, and they all love living in Peachland! You can follow Emma’s Pound adventures on her Facebook page “Pound Workout with Emma”.

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