Keeping of Animals

Keeping of Animals (Livestock) - Page 52


Livestock: means any cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, fish, farmed game and any species of exotic animals prescribed for the purposes of the definition of "farm operation" under the Farm Practices Protection Act.


  1. The keeping of livestock, poultry and rabbits on lands outside the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is subject to the following regulations:

    1. Minimum lot area required is 0.4 ha (1.0 ac) except two (2) rabbits may be kept on a smaller lot;
    2. For every 0.4 ha (1.0 ac) of land the following number of animals is permitted on a lot:

      1. Two (2) livestock;
      2. Six (6) sheep or goats;
      3. Twelve (12) poultry, excluding roosters; and
      4. Twenty (20) rabbits.

  2. Buildings and structures to shelter the animals permitted in section 5.42 shall meet minimum setbacks to lot lines as follows:

    1. Front Yard: 30m (100 ft)
    2. Rear Yard: 7.5m (25 ft)
    3. Interior Side Yard: 7.5m (25 ft)
    4. Exterior Side Yard: 30m (100 ft)
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