Lambly Park


Location: Hwy 97, San Clemente, across from the Peachland Center Mall

  • Picnic
  • Walkways to and from Mall, San Clemente and 14th St.
  • Tennis Courts
  • Peachland skate park
  • Pickleball Courts

Harolds' Walkway

Harolds' Walkway is named for Harold Thwaite and Harold Wiberg, former Peachlanders who owned property at either end of this recreation corridor. Harold Thwaite was a long serving Reeve, Councillor and Mayor of Peachland. The walk was completed by the Peachland Lions Club in 2002 in memory of his contribution to the Peachland community.

Community Partners in Fitness: Outdoor Fitness Trail

Lambly Park

The District of Peachland, with support from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors’Program, the Peachland Rotary Club and the Peachland Lions Club installed the outdoor fitness trail on Harolds’ Walkway in Lambly Park in October 2013.

The Peachland Wellness Centre and Okanagan College are also working collaboratively with the District of Peachland to develop sustainable programs and a plan to ensure that the equipment can be used by both residents and visitors for years to come. Click here for more information on programs for the fitness trail.

The outdoor fitness trail perfectly compliments the existing skate park and tennis court making it a place for people of all ages to enjoy being active

With 11 pieces of fitness equipment, you can do a little or do a lot! Download a copy of our handy map to help plan your workouts or your walk through Lambly Park.

For more information call 250-767-2133