Little Schoolhouse

Peachland Little Schoolhouse Society

Little Schoolhouse

The Little Schoolhouse is located at 1898 Brandon Ave,
just off of 5th St, right beside the church,
and behind the Seniors Housing Society complex.

  • Chairman: Sharon McPhee
  • Past Chairman: Marion Hall
  • Co-chair / Building: Marv Norden
  • Secretary: Sharon McPhee
  • Treasurer: Alicia Conrad with backup from Anne Lundy
  • Rentals: Lorraine Fader
  • Gardener: Berkeley Stuart
  • Teas: Connie Ross, Angela Possak, Henny Scholten
  • Bin Chief: Ellen Coleman
  • Signs / Adv: Linda Norden

Little Schoolhouse - Photo by Stephen Conrad

The Little Schoolhouse was built in 1898 and served the students of Peachland until 1908 when the Primary School on Beach Ave was built. St. Margaret’s Anglican Church used the building until 1991 and it was transferred to the District in 1997 and slated for demolition. A group of volunteers formed the “Friends of the Little Schoolhouse Society” and offered to restore the building at no cost to the taxpayers. Following substantial renovations, the “Friends” formed the “Peachland Little Schoolhouse Society” in November 2001. Their mandate was to maintain the building at no cost to the municipality, and ensure that it was used for artistic, cultural and community events.

The natural lighting from six large windows together with track lighting is remarkable -- a unique place for artisans to work, demonstrate, and exhibit their crafts. For the past ten years, the Peachland Little Schoolhouse (PLS) Society has featured the Summer Arts Program, dedicating July and August to local artists and giving them free use of the School. Every Sunday, tea is served on the patio from 1 – 4 pm, (using locally donated fruit) and with local artists in attendance.

With the exception of July and August the PLS is available, at reasonable rates, for local groups to rent the facility for meetings, retreats, some sport activities (karate, yoga, dance), cultural events (workshops, small exhibits), as well as small private and company parties and weddings.

Currently, the small Board maintains the School and organizes a number of yearly community events aside from the Summer Art Program: a Christmas Luncheon for the Seniors’ Building Society and the Grade 1 & 2 children from Peachland Elementary; inclusion in the Arts Council Hearts Festival in February; a citizenship award to a grade six Primary School student in May, and a fund raiser garage sale in early summer.

The Little Schoolhouse is located on Brandon Lane off Fourth Street beside St. Margaret’s Anglican Church.