Marine Guide

Peachland offers a variety of beaches and marine parks for everyone. Visitors enjoy nearby stores, restaurants, pubs and much more. Peachland shores are rocky with some private beaches and docks.

Beginning from the south end of Peachland...

Deep Creek and Antler's Beach Regional Park. Available parking and picnic area is located at the mouth of the creek. A nice sandy beach with washrooms, picnic tables and a marked swimming area. Hardy Falls is an easy 10-20 minute walk over small bridges on a well-marked trail.

The "T" or "Doggy Beach". Public boat launch. Also, a beach where dogs are allowed.

Pentowna Marina and Peachland Water Sports. Boats, personal watercrafts and water toys available. The only public marina between Kelowna and Penticton.

Peachland Day Use Wharf. Breakwater - enter with care. Very good shelter from south and north winds. Large dock, no overnight moorage. Located downtown Peachland across from many shops and restaurants.

Peachland Yacht Club. For members only. The moorage basin has two visitor mooring slips. There is no clubhouse and a locked gate assures member visitation only, but washrooms and water can be accessed from the road. There is enough depth for most keelboats, but watch your wake when entering the breakwater.

The Peachland Yacht Club is next to Swim Bay and Concession. Lifeguards on duty daily July and August. Diving tower and marked swimming area.

Pincushion Bay. A nice bay with pebble beaches. There is a double cement boat launch in the south end of the bay. Provides shelter from north winds.

Trepanier Creek Inlet and Bridge. Do not enter the creek inlet. Sandy beaching areas for one half mile north and pebble beaches for one half mile south of the point. A public boat launch lies north beside the two green docks. There is a marked swimming area.

On the other side of the lake...

Okanagan Mountain Park. Marks the south end of the park. Good overnight camping with shelter from north winds. Secluded sandy beaches with picnic tables, fire pits and hiking trails. Places to explore are Commando Bay, and Wild Horse Canyon. Note: In August 2003, all of Okanagan Mountain Park was devastatingly consumed by fire which started from a lightning strike. Link to for photos of the fire.

Rattlesnake Island. Not recommended to go between the island and the shore for the depth of the channel is shallow. The island has a small bay on the south side for refuge of small boats only. Very rocky shore, so beach with care. Watch for rocks close to the surface on the north/west corner of the island. Divers - there are small caves on the west side with rock formations and sheer drop-offs. There are old docks on the north side.

Squally Point. Native legend has it that Okanagan Lake's great sea serpent "Ogopogo" makes its home in a cave here. Small animals were carried to Squally Point in canoes to appease the serpent. Stay clear of the rock walls and watch for south winds thay can appear suddenly. Good shelter is provided from north winds in the south bay. No beaching for 1/4 mile south or north. Qualified divers only. A cavern entrance that can be explored lies 100 feet from the point and 20 feet down. Take lights and be cautious.

From Sun Cruiser 2003 Okanagan Lake Cruising Guide