New Monaco Development Application

New Monaco Development Application

The New Monaco Areas Sector Plan (ASP) was the first step in the development application process and required an amendment to the Official Community Plan to accommodate the development of a 125 acre land parcel at the Northern boundary of Peachland. Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 1975 (New Monaco ASP) was approved by Council in 2011 . As a next step in the development application process New Monaco Enterprise Corporation has submitted an application for rezoning and OCP amendment. Due to the large scale of the development being proposed the District and New Monaco will enter into a Phased Development Agreement. Council has given First and Second Reading to three bylaws as part of this process. A Public Hearing is being held on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at the Peachland Community Centre Gymnasium located at 4450 - 6th Street, Peachland, B.C., to hear any concerns of residents that feel they may be affected by the proposed bylaw amendments.

The three bylaws under consideration are:

1. Bylaw No. 2088, 2014 to amend Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1600, 2001 to create the New Monaco Neighbourhood Development Permit Area;

2. Bylaw No. 2065, 2013 to amend Zoning Bylaw No. 1375, 1996 to create the CD-10 New Monaco Neighbourhood Comprehensive Development Zone and to amend Schedule "A" District of Peachland Official Zoning Map; and

3. Bylaw No. 2087, 2014 to establish the Phased Development Agreement for the development of the New Monaco Neighbourhood.

New Monaco Rezoning Application

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