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The first Official Community Plan for the District of Peachland was adopted in 1981. Since this time, the Plan has been renewed comprehensively several times. Click on the links below to review Peachland's Official Community Plans over time:

The last comprehensive review and update of the OCP occurred in the early 1990s. Since then individual revisions and additions have happened on an individual policy basis but the Plan itself has not undergone an extensive review.

It is valuable to understand both our community history, as well as emerging issues and trends in order to set realistic goals and policies for the future. The 1995 Official Community Plan served the community well during that time period and was replaced by the current, 2001 plan. While the 1995 Plan did not include an overall vision, the 2001 Plan contains an extensive vision. Council and staff are looking to the community to evaluate this vision during the 2016-2017 Renewal Project. Is it still relevant? Is the length appropriate? Does it cover the community's priorities? These are some of the questions we need your help to answer.

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