Content and Questions

The Peachland OCP Renewal Project will address some key issues and trends identified by staff and Council as well as those identified through public and stakeholder engagement. Seven overarching policy topics that will be influenced by, or most relevant to the OCP have been identified and will serve as the basis for engagement throughout the project. Engaging on these core OCP topics in the first and subsequent phases of the process will help staff and consultants understand the community's values and begin developing new goals and policies for the OCP or reaffirm the existing ones.

The 7 topics (in no particular order), with some associated issues or trends are as follows:

  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Community Servicing/Utilities (water, sewer, drainage, fire, police etc.)
  • Growth Management (housing, neighbourhoods, commercial, industrial)
  • Liveability (parks and recreation, social servicing, arts and culture, heritage)
  • Transportation
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