Existing OCP Vision

Peachland residents are proud of their community and its natural surroundings. Residents desire a vibrant, active and diverse community that provides a strong focal point and identity within the Okanagan.

Great importance is attached to the sustainability of the natural environment for future generations. In the future, Peachland will adhere to sustainable development practices so that the effects on the community are minimized. Planning for the long term in relation to land use will ensure that development works both for today and future generations.

Peachland will focus on making sure that services and amenities are close to home for the residents so that the need to travel is minimized this will aid the economy while also making the community a healthier place to live. Peachland grows in harmony within the natural surroundings and ecosystem, preserves unique natural features including, watercourses, landforms and habitats.

Proper land use decisions have ensured that the quality of the environment is retained for future generations. There is a diverse community of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds that live in a safe place with access to affordable housing, educational opportunities and recreational facilities. This diversity and accessibility of services has benefited the community immensely.

Peachland has innovative and high quality sustainable design in new building developments which enhances the unique character of Peachland while reducing impact on the environment. These developments reflect both the human and natural history of Peachland and its surrounding area and ensure a high quality of life reflective of the Okanagan environment.

Peachland is a healthy community and has numerous trails and parks throughout the community. The trails connect the community and its varying neighbourhoods while providing safe and accessible routes for non motorized travel. The parks are very safe and accessible and great places for social interaction and recreation for the residents.

Peachland fosters a diverse, flexible and vibrant local economy that provides sustainable employment to its citizens. The economy is adaptable to economic change. The downtown has been revitalized to create an economic environment that provides the services needed to the community on a day to day basis. It is a bustling center where community activities and socializing takes place.

Community consultation in land use planning and community development continues to be important in creating a community that is both sustainable now and into the future.

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