Public Engagement Guiding Principles

A number of principles have been chosen to guide the OCP Renewal Project public engagement process. The purpose of these principles is to help Council make better decisions that reflect the interests and concerns of the community.

  • To partner with the public in planning for a healthy, sustainable community with a shared purpose in order to facilitate collaboration and a sense of community.
  • To build trust and credibility within the community. To be open and honest, share details of the process and views and comments received in a timely manner. Present a clear and logical process with opportunities for the public and stakeholders to provide meaningful input.
  • Involve everyone who is interested. Be inclusive and give everyone interested in participating in the Renewal Process a voice.
  • To be transparent in the process and the decisions made. The public engagement activities will be transparent and clearly defined so that all of those involved can see and understand what is going on.
  • The result of the public engagement activities will have a genuine impact and be seen to do so. We will recognize the unique character and assets of Peachland. Process and outcomes will be context sensitive. The input received will be considered for the revised OCP.
  • To conduct public engagement activities in an independent and unbiased way.
  • To engage people both meaningfully and respectfully.
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