The District of Peachland has hired a consultant to develop a Communications and Engagement Strategy that goes above and beyond the requirements of the Local government Act to provide citizens with a public participation schedule that is robust and meaningful.

The project is open, transparent and requires broad input from residents, staff, stakeholders and elected officials. It is the District's intent to engage residents of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the process and establish an ongoing dialogue throughout the development of the Plan.

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming events and activities that you can participate in to share your local knowledge, priorities, issues and future vision for the District of Peachland.

Email us with your Comments/Suggestions/Ideas at any time:
We are open to hearing from you at any time throughout the duration of the OCP Renewal Project. If you would like to send us an email with your comments or sit down with us for a one on one, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please send feedback or make an appointment by emailing or calling 250-767-3705.

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