Public Engagement Objectives

Specific objectives for the Engagement Strategy have been developed to ensure Council and staff obtain meaningful input from the community. The project team will review these objectives before and after each public engagement phase to ensure they are being met.

  • The project team will aim to obtain a representative sample of the community in terms of demographics and viewpoints.
  • a 'go to the people' approach will be utilized as much as possible to gather input where people are already congregating in order to increase efficiency and convenience for them.
  • The project team will explore new ways of exchanging information and ideas, but be aware of the need to be practical and manage expectations given limited resources. The focus will be on developing realistic goals and policies and ensuring communications and activities reflect this focus.
  • The community will be adequately informed on background information and content and will have opportunities to be consulted and involved in the OCP renewal project.
  • Local Government accountability and transparency will be exhibited by documenting all of the public input received, and the background information used to inform goals and policies for the OCP.
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