Open Burning

Open Burning Season is now OPEN

October 1st, 2019 to April 30, 2020

Open Burning is only permitted on residential property that is 1 hectare (2 ˝ or more acres) or more in size during the burning season (generally October 15th – April 15th ) and is regulated under the Fire & Life Safety Smoke Control Bylaw 1718

Before lighting any fire, eligible property owners with a valid permit MUST call the Toll-Free Outdoor Burning Hotline 1-855-262-2876 (BURN). Both the Venting and Air quality conditions must be good in order for burning to occur within Central Okanagan fire jurisdictions. This information is also available on the Regional Districts website each day after 8 am.

RDCO Website - Open Burning Information

Before ANY burn pile is ignited, it is important that the permit holder ensures compliance with BOTH the District of Peachland bylaws AS WELL AS the Provincial Regulations.

NOTE: Effective September 15, 2019, the Province has put into force a new Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation. Open Burning is subject to the conditions set out within this new regulation, in addition to the District of Peachlands Bylaw No. 1781.

This permit provides only for the conditions of the local bylaw and does not ensure or suggest compliance with the new Provincial regulation. It is the responsibility of the Permit Holder to ensure compliance with the new Provincial regulation. Any non-compliance with the Provincial regulation may be subject to enforcement by the Province.

Additional information on the regulation can be found at: Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations

For questions about the Provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations: Email –