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Recycle your old Christmas Lights!

If you're putting up new LED lights for Christmas this year, don't throw your old lights in the garbage. Recycle them!

Old Christmas lights can be taken to the Westside Landfill on Asquith Road from 7:30 - 4 p.m. Fri through Monday; Kelowna's Glenmore Landfill; Metro Waste Paper Recovery or the Kirschner Road Depot in Kelowna. The old lights are then picked up and taken for processing in the Lower Mainland.

By recycling your old lights instead of tossing them out, you're not only saving space in our landfills, but recycling a valuable resource that can be smelted into new metal The new LED lights use up to 95% less energy than regular Christmas lights and last longer. They also produce little heat, reducing the risk of fire.

For all Provincial Recycling Programs, not just Christmas lights....

These include lighting fixtures and bulbs, small appliances, electronics, power tools, thermostats, medications, tires, batteries etc. Click here... Other Recycling or you can also link to RecycleBC which has a great search function.