Public Art Advisory Committee Membership

The Public Art Advisory Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) representatives as follows:

  • One (1) District of Peachland Council Member
  • One (1) Peachland Community Arts Council Member
  • One (1) Tourism Economic Development Committee (TEDC) Member
  • Two (2) local practicing professional artist or locally renowned practicing artist.
  • Two (2) Community Members at Large who are residents of Peachland and who have demonstrated an interest in Arts and Culture.
  • One (1) Member of the District of Peachland Administration (Non-Voting Member) The Public Art Advisory Committee will report to District Council through the Director of Community Services or designate.

Members of the Committee shall be appointed for a four (4) year term to accommodate rotation of future members. Members of the Public Art Advisory Committee may only serve more than two (2) consecutive four-year terms in exceptional cases where a committee position cannot be filled by a suitable community member.

The Public Art Advisory Committee will appoint a Chair to preside at meetings, set agendas and represent the Committee as required.

Public Art Advisory Committee Members

Councillor Pam Cunningham

Deborah Livingstone – Peachland Community Arts Council representative

Lynne Herrin – Tourism and Economic Development Committee representative

Alex Morrison

Terry Moore

Victoria Molloy

Wayne Power

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