Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2018-2028

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan was adopted at the January 23, 2018 regular Council Meeting as the foundation for decision making on parks and recreation matters. It describes how the District can face the challenge of providing quality leisure services during the next ten (10) years and beyond.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Appendix A: Community Survey Results and Focus Group Notes

Appendix B: Peachland Parks and Trail Standards

Appendix C: Parks and Trails Maps

Appendix D: Detailed Facility Assessment

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - 2017:

In 2015, through the Corporate Strategic Plan, Council identified strategic goals and projects for parks and recreation. In 2016, Jennifer Wilson Consulting was hired to produce a Parks and Recreation Master Plan that was reflective of the community and would help Council establish a framework for decision making. This plan is a culmination of the yearlong consultation and research process which included:

  • A statistically reliable survey
  • Extensive research into the communities demographics, culture as well as current policies and practices
  • Parks and facility site visits
  • Focus groups and user group sessions
  • Community open house

The Master Plan includes short, medium and long term goals to help meet the current needs of the community. It also includes a decision making model that will facilitate decisions on items that were not identified as priorities during this process. This tool will help staff and Council evaluate the merit of new initiatives that are brought forward over the next 10 years.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Open House October 30, 2017:

The following documents are available for your information:

  • Open House Boards - provides a summary of key recommendations and were the boards displayed at the open house. Click here
  • Overall Recommendations - provides a list of all draft recommendations. Click here
  • Community Survey Report - provides the data from the random survey conducted in May 2017. Click here

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - 2009:

Click here to view the 2009 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.