Parks and Recreation Master Plan


The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a document that describes how the District can face the challenge of providing quality leisure services during the next ten (10) years and beyond.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - 2017:

The District of Peachland is preparing a ten (10) year Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The process started early in 2017.

Our community is changing, therefore it is timely to prepare a plan now. As an example, the population of Peachland is estimated to double over the next 20 years. A master plan will be invaluable to focus on the aspects most important to residents, maximize the benefits that parks and recreation contribute to quality of life, and leverage partnerships and external resources to be financially prudent.

Your thoughts and opinions are important. We have listened very carefully to your thoughts in the 2016 Citizen Survey. We have heard your opinions through the Official Community Planning process. Now we need to further refine our understanding of your needs and priorities as they relate specifically to parks and recreation.

In June the Project Consultants concluded the statistically valid survey and open feedback survey. Also in June they hosted small community meetings that focused on specific age groups and interest areas.

Over the summer months, the Consultants undertook a comprehensive analysis of existing park and recreation assets, trends and best practices, the Consultant's extensive subject matter expertise, related policies and plans, representative data from the Peachland community on key planning matters, input from the community and information from key service providers.

The Consultants have drafted key recommendations for the Master Plan and would like the community's feedback. An Open House will be hosted at the Banquet Room, Monday, October 30th 4:00-7:00 pm to provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback on the key recommendations.

Visit the District’s website to stay informed on the plan’s progress, learn upcoming ways to be involved, and provide feedback on various components. Thank you for helping shape the future of parks and recreation and quality of life in our community.

DRAFT – Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Appendix A: Community Survey Results and Focus Group Notes

Appendix B: Peachland Parks and Trail Standards

Appendix C: Parks and Trails Maps

Appendix D: Detailed Facility Assessment

Drafts Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The consultants will be presenting the Final Draft of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to the Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting on Tuesday, January 9. If you have specific questions about this plan, please contact Cheryl Wiebe at

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Open House October 30, 2017:

The following documents are available for your information and will provide additional background for you to provide feedback.

Feedback - options include:

  • Filling out the feedback form online - Click Here
  • Printing off the feedback form, filling it out and dropping it off at the Community Centre by November 3. Click Here

Background documents:

  • “Open House Boards” - provides a summary of key recommendations and are the boards displayed at Open House. Click Here
  • “Overall Recommendations” - provides a list of all draft recommendations Click Here
  • Community Survey Report - provides the data from the random survey conducted in May 2017 Click Here

Parks and Recreation Master Plan - 2009:

On January 12, 2010, the District of Peachland Council passed the following resolution:

    "THAT Council adopt the Parks and Recreation Master Plan as prepared by Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants Ltd. Dated November 17, 2009, as a guide for future research and consultation."

The Plan was prepared in a three (3) phase planning process that involved input and consultation with local community groups, a survey invitation to residents, advice from Council, and guidance by staff.

Many community organizations and local residents as well as District officials actively participated in the development of the Plan. Their involvement, through interviews, meetings, correspondence and public survey was critical to gaining a thorough understanding of community values, interests and needs. Implementation of the recommendations will ensure the effective delivery of leisure services in the community.


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