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Tree Removal on Beach Ave

There is no doubt that trees play a vital role in our community. However, while trees are a valuable part of the Peachland experience, they should not compromise public safety. The two (2) cottonwood trees located just north of 13th Street and one at 12th Street could pose a safety risk to the public and to infrastructure. These trees are currently marked with an orange dot.

After the flood last year (2017), the root structure of the tree at 12th Street failed and it started to lean towards the lake impacting Centennial Walkway and Beach Avenue roadbed. As well, although cottonwood trees can live to be over 100 years old, they start to become dangerous as they frequently drop large branches. After a near-miss last summer where a branch 12 feet in length fell from one of the trees at 13th Street grazing a teenager, staff conducted assessments and consulted with a tree management company and determined that two trees were becoming a risk to public safety.

As such, these three trees will be removed the week of May 14 but they will be replaced. The District of Peachland was successful in obtaining a Re-Greening Grant through BC Hydro and Tree Canada. A number of the grant priorities apply to the Peachland project and include:

  • Enhance urban open space
  • Beautify parks and outdoor recreation areas
  • Create habitat and support stewardship actions

Through this program, ten (10) trees will be planted in public spaces adjacent to the lake to replace the three (3) trees that will be removed.

London Plane Bloodgood trees will be planted. These trees thrive in the Okanagan environment and grow quickly which will help preserve our tree canopy and shade. In addition, the old cottonwood tree stumps will be left standing (approximately 13 feet high) to become wildlife trees until such time as the new trees become adequate wildlife refuge.

We are committed to planting healthy trees to create attractive and safe places for people to enjoy. This is particularly important on our foreshore where creating a green canopy is good for both fish and wildlife habitat.

For more information on the tree removal and replacement, contact Cheryl Wiebe, 250-767-2133 or