Parks Projects

Parks Plan - Heritage, Sanderson and Cousins Park

Project Introduction

The Parks Plan commenced on July 27, 2018, with the goal to undertake concept design work for Heritage, Cousins and Sanderson Parks, with project completion by December 2018. Outland Designs was commissioned to undertake this work.

The project intent was to build on the findings of the 2018 Parks and Recreation Master Plan to determine highest and best use of these spaces, assess feasibility for parks amenities and development; and make recommendations for implementation.

Council requested two design components to be considered in the community park concept plans - a ball facility at Sanderson Park and a spray park for Heritage Park.

To date, the community park site features surveys and environmental impact assessments have been completed for all three parks.

The project timeline changed to allow more time to be spent on the feasibility of Sanderson Park for the installation of two competition sized baseball fields. When Sanderson was determined to not be feasible, the scope was modified to investigate the possibility of the former landfill site. Additional scope and time were spent on the project between August 2018 and date March 12, 2019 to conduct the feasibility assessment. In both instances, the capital and infrastructure costs to implement a ball facility at either of these sites was found to be cost prohibitive. Additionally, in conversations with provincial softball and baseball associations, it was determined that the preferred configuration to generate economic impacts for tournament ball facilities was four fields, with the associated staging, washroom and parking amenities. There were no cost effective or appropriately sized land options within Peachland to achieve two fields, let alone four fields. As such, Council removed new ball fields from the scope of the project and directed the consultants to continue to investigate amenities at Cousins Park that would not impact the ball field.

Schedule of Work and Completed to Date

Schedule of Work and Completed to date

Key Findings

  • In Heritage and Cousins Parks, support documented for general improvements such as washrooms, accessible parking, site furniture (garbage receptacles and benches), play equipment or a spray park for children, and walking paths/open spaces to appreciate nature
  • More rustic improvements such as a dog off-leash fenced exercise area, a mountain bike skills park/BMX pump track and nature trails/nature appreciation and viewpoints were all supported improvements for the natural setting of Sanderson Park.
  • Minor opposition toward the provision of a spray park at Heritage Park; specific concerns around life cycle costing and annual maintenance. In response, the project will provide supporting information to respond to this item.

Next Steps

  • Consultants to create draft designs for Council Approval
  • Consultation information on the concept designs
  • Final Approval
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