Princeton Avenue Transportation Corridor Strategy

Princeton Avenue Transportation Corridor Strategy

The District of Peachland is undertaking a transportation corridor strategy for Princeton Avenue!

To proactively plan for future infrastructure needs, the District of Peachland has initiated a Transportation Corridor Strategy for Princeton Avenue. Working with Urban Systems Ltd. (USL) and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), the District has commenced a formal process to provide Peachland with a comprehensive strategy that will summarize future development and traffic growth to build a program that improves safety, function and use in a strategically phased manner.

The three key goals of this proposed Strategy will be TO:

  • Develop a long term transportation vision to improve the Princeton Avenue corridor within a 20 year time horizon to facilitate the management of traffic growth, improved walkability and the use of non-motorized transport modes.
  • Identify the strategic construction of short and long term corridor improvements by outlining a phasing program, including financing formula.
  • Streamline the development approvals process by outlining a clear framework for property owners, the community, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the District.


A technical review of all transportation related background information; including consideration of future development and corridor improvements appropriate to address traffic growth is currently underway. In addition, technical meetings with the District, MOTI and USL are ongoing to develop an approach to assist with streamlining the overall development approval process for the corridor area.


Engaging the public in a meaningful way is important to the District, specifically for those owners and developers impacted by this project. In response, the District will be inviting stakeholders to attend an informational meeting early in winter 2013. The purpose of this focus group meeting will be to:

  • Present the draft comprehensive Transportation Corridor Strategy for Princeton Avenue.
  • Obtain feedback from participants on the proposed Strategy, process and recommended off-site roadway improvements to foster better safety, function and use on Princeton Avenue.
  • Outline how the Strategy will provide District and community with a clear and consistent framework for assessing the impact of future growth in this area; including a cost recovery program and upgrade phasing plan to inform the strategic timing of corridor improvements for Princeton Avenue.

For more information on this planning project please contact the Planning and Development Services Department.