FireSmart Rebate Program


FireSmart Rebate Program Earn $1,000 for FireSmarting your Property

What is needed to Qualify

  • Have a free FireSmart home assessment conducted by one of our Local FireSmart Representatives (LFR). The LFR can answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a list of recommendations specifically for your property. To schedule a property assessment, please email:
  • Carry out one or more of the recommendations and take before and after photos to show your progress.
  • Fill out the rebate form provided by the LFR, along with any receipts for supplies, a record of your hours, and progress photos, and email it to

Eligible FireSmart Activities Ideas

  • Remove highly flammable coniferous vegetation such as cedars and junipers near your house
  • Clean all combustible debris from your roof and gutters
  • Prune low tree branches to create a two-meter clearance from the ground
  • Clean underneath your deck to remove all combustible material
  • Install non-combustible 3 millimeter screens to external vents (except dryer vents)
  • Clean up brush piles, fallen branches

Your supplies and labour, set by the Province at $28.54/hour, for each activity are eligible. Rebates are limited to 50% of the total cost, to a maximum of $1,000. A limited number of rebates are available.

FireSmart BC Homeowner Guide

FireSmart Home Assessment

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