Rental Opportunities

Little Schoolhouse Rental Opportunities

The Little Schoolhouse combines a quaint old-fashioned atmosphere with up to date facilities, including handicapped access to the building and to the washroom, and a small servery with sinks, fridge, some counter space and dishes. The lighting and acoustics are excellent and would serve small artistic endeavors in art and music. The high ceiling, refinished fir wood flooring, and big bright double hung windows enhance the feeling of warmth and intimacy. There is lots of wall space, and a hanging rail for pictures. Sunlight is excellent. Installed artificial lights were chosen especially for artistic displays. Chairs and tables are available. In the summer months, people may wish to sit outside on the paved terrace.

The following are the kinds of uses already approved; however, others will be considered by the Society's Executive upon request.

Little Schoolhouse Tea Room and Terrace
Souvenir Shop
Social and Club Meetings
Educational Talks
Heritage Displays
Art Exhibits, Bazaars and Demonstrations
Artisan Workshops
Weddings and Receptions
Private and Company Parties
Intimate Musical Concerts
Classes where a wood floor is a must

This facility contains a kitchen area and bar with sink and fridge, but no cooking facilities. See Photos and Floor Plan. This is the small servery kitchen available in the Schoolhouse. The pass through can be opened and an additional counter with underneath storage rolls out on hinges into the main room for serving guests. There is a microwave and fridge and three sinks (to meet code). A tight space exists beyond the fridge and contains a tall narrow window.

Number of People Accommodated per Fire Chief's Report
  • Non-Fixed Seats 65 people
  • Standing Only 123 people
  • Non-Fixed Seats and Tables 52 People
  • Classroom 26 people
  • Dining 41 people

Please call 250.575.8226 for Rental Information

Rental Fee Structure

    Complete Facility (Main Room, Servery and Terrace)
    • Day Rate: $100
    • Per Hour or part: $20 (Minimum 2 hr rental)

    Main Room and Servery
    • Day Rate: $85
    • Per Hour or Part: $15 (minimum 2 hr rental)

    Note: Special rates can be arranged for long term contracts. Rental fees and terms are subject to change according to the recommendations of the Directors

Please call 250.575.8226 for Rental Information