Peachland Community Splash Pad

Splash Pad Project is Complete!

splash pad

Project details can be viewed here: Splash Pad

Project History:

  • 2015-2018 Strategic Plan:

    Top priority under Community Services Plan for water/splash park (look for low cost options for the short term).

  • 2016 Citizen Survey:

    70% responded that providing amenities that attract families (such as a water park and skate park) were a high or medium high priority.

  • 2018-2028 Parks and Recreation Master Plan:

    70% responded that a water park was Very Important or Important. It was identified as a high priority to be completed within 3 years.

  • 2019-2022 Strategic Plan:

    Splash Park ranked #5 for the Top 5 Strategic Priorities.

  • 2019 Citizen Survey:

    61.5% responded that parks development was Very Important or Important.

  • 2020 Parks Plan – Heritage, Sanderson and Cousins:

    Recommends incorporating water features that double as a spray park in Heritage Park. A short term goal of 2-5 years. Although not a statistically valid survey, “dotmocracy” (p. 81-82 of report) identified the spray park as a desired feature. Minimal opposition to a spray park was expressed during the public consultation (4 written comments).