Peachland Community Splash Pad

May 2021 Splash Pad Update

BC Hydro has determined that the electrical distribution system adjacent Heritage Park requires upgrades to facilitate continued project construction. Design will take 6-8 weeks and BC Hydro will not commit to a construction schedule for this line. Although construction of the pad continues, it is anticipated that this delay will impact the opening of the splash pad.

Coming Summer 2021: Peachland Community Splash Pad

splash pad

Project details can be viewed here: Splash Pad

Project History:

  • 2015-2018 Strategic Plan:

    Top priority under Community Services Plan for water/splash park (look for low cost options for the short term).

  • 2016 Citizen Survey:

    70% responded that providing amenities that attract families (such as a water park and skate park) were a high or medium high priority.

  • 2018-2028 Parks and Recreation Master Plan:

    70% responded that a water park was Very Important or Important. It was identified as a high priority to be completed within 3 years.

  • 2019-2022 Strategic Plan:

    Splash Park ranked #5 for the Top 5 Strategic Priorities.

  • 2019 Citizen Survey:

    61.5% responded that parks development was Very Important or Important.

  • 2020 Parks Plan – Heritage, Sanderson and Cousins:

    Recommends incorporating water features that double as a spray park in Heritage Park. A short term goal of 2-5 years. Although not a statistically valid survey, “dotmocracy” (p. 81-82 of report) identified the spray park as a desired feature. Minimal opposition to a spray park was expressed during the public consultation (4 written comments).

Project Construction

Council has supported the Spray Park for installation in Heritage Park in Spring of 2021. We look forward to updating you as this exciting project develops.