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Secondary Suite and Garden Suite Policy


Secondary Suite: means one (1) or more habitable rooms within a single detached dwelling, used as a separate dwelling, with self-contained sleeping, living, cooking, and sanitary facilities, and direct access to the exterior, without passing through any part of the principal single detached dwelling unit.


Secondary Suites are permitted in the following zones: A-1 Agricultural (ALR); A-2 Rural (Non ALR); RR-1 Rural Residential; RR-2 Country Residential; R-1 Single Detached Residential; RC-1 Compact Lot Residential.


The following regulations shall apply in zones where a secondary suite is a permitted use:

  1. A secondary suite shall be entirely contained within a principal dwelling.

  2. A lot shall contain only one secondary dwelling, whether located within the principal dwelling or as a garden suite.

  3. A secondary suite shall have a minimum floor area of 33m2 (355.22 ft2) and a maximum floor area of 90m2 (968.7 ft2) or 40% of the habitable floor space of the principal dwelling in which the secondary dwelling is located, whichever is less.

  4. All secondary suites shall be connected to the Municipal water and sanitary sewer system unless the lot is 1.0 ha (2.47 ac) or greater in size and an onsite sanitary sewer system has been installed in accordance with the Sewerage System Regulation under the Public Health Act.

  5. Despite 5.44.4 above, an owner may construct a secondary suite on a lot less than 1.0 ha (2.47 ac) in size with on-site septic disposal if both the principal dwelling and the secondary suite are connected to the same on-site septic disposal system, and the owner provides the District with written confirmation from a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner that the existing sewage system has the septic disposal capacity in accordance with the Sewerage System Regulation requirements for both dwellings.

  6. In addition to the off-street parking spaces required for the principal dwelling unit, one off-street parking space is required for the secondary suite. Where possible the additional parking space shall abut and use an existing driveway for access to the street. At least one parking space for the principal dwelling and one parking space for the secondary suite shall be located so as to provide direct vehicular access to the street without obstruction by a vehicle parked in another parking space. Tandem parking is permitted for the second space required for the principal dwelling.

  7. Any structural alterations or additions undertaken to provide a secondary suite shall be done in a manner which is sensitive to the residential character of the area in which it is situated.

  8. A secondary suite shall not be permitted in a principal dwelling where a bed and breakfast is operated.

  9. A Home Based Business shall only be permitted to operate in a secondary suite if the Home Based Business is Type 1 (Minor Home Based Business).

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