What are the Costs?

Prior to Subdivision Approval or issuance of a Building Permit, a subdivision or development must be provided with Works and Services within the subdivision or on the lot being developed in accordance with the standards established by the Subdivision and Development Servicing (SDS) Bylaw.

Applicants are responsible to pay for the following costs associated with obtaining approval for a subdivision where applicable:
  • Application, examination and inspection fees
  • Legal and survey costs
  • Development Cost Charges
  • Current assessed taxes, Consultant fees (i.e. Engineer, Qualified Environmental Professional, Lawyer, Surveyor)
  • Utility installation and fees (i.e. cable, gas and telephone)
  • Performance Bond for construction security
  • Maintenance Bond of 10% [for one year after construction is complete]/li>

Applicants are responsible for any on-site and/or off-site servicing costs (i.e. Installation of following may be required):
  • Roads, curb, gutter, sidewalk
  • Water, sanitary sewer
  • Storm water management (i.e. storm drains or drywells)
  • Fire hydrants, street lights
  • BC Hydro, Fortis Gas, Telus, Cable and other utilities


Applicants are also responsible to pay all engineering and legal fees as well as outside consulting costs incurred by the District relating to the subdivision and servicing of the land, including detailed review and approval of the Design Drawings, monitoring the installation of the works and services and the costs of connecting the works and services to the Districtís existing infrastructure.