How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes to fully process a subdivision application from ideation to registration varies depending on the complexity of the proposed subdivision, the speed at which the applicant provides the Approving Officer with the required information, the requirements for consultation and referral with affected agencies (e.g., Ministry of Transportation, BC Hydro, etc.), and the time it takes to construct required works and services (if required).

Applicants should plan on the process taking a minimum of two (2) months, to eight (8) or more months depending on the complexity of the proposed subdivision.

Below is a listing of some of the major milestones of the Subdivision Process. For more detailed information on the complete process and requirements please visit our Subdivision Process page.

Preliminary Inquiry

The Owner should arrange for a pre-application meeting with the Approving Officer or delegate to identify the scope and nature of the proposal. The Owner is encouraged to bring the following information to the meeting:
  • Description of how the proposal meets Official Community Plan (OCP) policies, including consideration of Environmental and hazardous conditions (steep slope and wildfire interface issues);
  • Site photos;
  • Proposed layout with areas shown; and
  • Any other relevant material.

Preliminary Layout Review

If the Approving Officer determines that the proposal is consistent with the requirements identified above, the Owner or the Owner’s Agent, may make application for Preliminary Layout Review (PLR). To facilitate the Approving Officer’s review, the Owner must provide information regarding all servicing and utility requirements.

Any person, being the owner of land, has the right to apply for subdivision. In accordance with Section 85 of the Land Title Act, a subdivision plan must be approved or rejected by the Approving Officer within two (2) months after the date it is tendered for examination.

Note: The Preliminary Review timeline does not begin until all requested information is received.

The Approving Officer will advise the Owner in writing if the application has been either rejected or granted a Letter of PLR. If granted, the PLR Letter is valid for a period of 180 days (six months). The Owner may apply for one (1) six-month extension, which may be granted by the Approving Officer. After this period, if the subdivision has not proceeded as per the conditions outlined by the Approving Officer PLR Stage and granted Final Approval, the Owner must reapply for subdivision. Exceptions to this policy may be considered in the case of larger scale, phased subdivisions where the Owner can demonstrate that the proposed subdivision request is being actively pursued.

Final Subdivision Approval

Once either a Servicing Agreement is executed or a Certificate of Acceptance issued, the Owner submits an Application for Final Subdivision Approval or Building Permit application.


Once approved, all executed documents are returned to the Owner (Owner’s Lawyer or Consultant) for registration at the Land Title Office. The Owner is responsible for all costs associated with preparation and registration of the required legal documents.