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The Chronicles of Peachland


When: Saturday, April 6, 2013
Where: United Church Hall, 4421 - 4th Street, Peachland
Time: 2pm - 4pm

This illustrated, 278 page book contains a wonderfully assorted collection of over 80 articles that relate and celebrate the life of Peachland during the last 29 years of our history. It details the activities of over 55 organizations and groups that are at the heart of our Peachland experience. It also captures historical and current insights into the political, commercial and public life of our much loved lakeside community. If you lived in Peachland at any time during 1984 to 2012 you are part of the Chronicles.

This outstanding non-profit book is a publication of the Peachland Historical Society and after April 6th, 2013 will be available for purchase ($25) at the Peachland Museum.

Chronicles of Peachland - Book Cover

The book includes:

  • A list of 18 remarkable things about Peachland
  • An index including 890 names of Peachlanders and notable visitors – are you there?
  • Activities of over 55 Peachland non-profit organizations and groups
  • An account of last year’s Trepanier fire
  • How the Wellness Centre got started
  • How the United Church got its steeple
  • How many individuals and businesses got together to save the Little Schoolhouse
  • A photo of Peachland’s Centennial Cake
  • The story of the “Logo Nogo”
  • The story of Peachland’s 1910 “Mystery Girl.” Can you shed light on who she was?

The book gives answers to:

  • Which building in town has had 25 different uses?
  • How much gold came out of Brenda Mine?
  • How many gas stations did Peachland once have? Where were they?
  • What happened to the “Barone Statues?”
  • Which of our mayors was interviewed by CBC’s “Fifth Estate?”
  • What large building stood on Heritage Park until 1979?
  • Did the Queen visit Peachland?
  • How do we know Ogopogo lives here?
  • What is the “Harmony Tree” and where is it now?
  • How was Peachland bombed in World War II? Who did it?
  • Which is Peachland’s longest-running annual event?
  • What remnant of Expo 86 is still to be seen on Beach Avenue?
  • Who was Peachland’s Olympic Athlete?
  • Who were Peachland’s first “Ambassadors?” Do they still live here?
  • How many times have Peachland’s library books been moved?
  • Did Peachland ever have a bank? If so, where?
  • How many Peachland Centennial stamps did Canada Post produce?
  • When and why was Rattlesnake Island the focus of international attention?