Trepanier Interconnect


March 9, 2018. The District of Peachland has been awarded a grant of $4.9 million, for the construction of the Trepanier Creek Water System Interconnect project, from the Federal Gas Tax Fund.

The Trepanier Creek Water System Interconnect is an integral component of the Water Treatment Facility project which is getting underway this year. In an effort to extend treated water to all the communityís water users, an interconnect between the Peachland Creek water system and Trepanier Creek water system is required. This project is a key element of the District of Peachlandís Water Master Plan, and will ensure the provision of clean, treated water that meets or exceeds Provincial Drinking Water Objectives.

  • March 2018 - News Release
  • March 2018 - Fact Sheet
  • The Trepanier Interconnect Project will connect the Peachland Creek and Trepanier Creek water systems. The project consists of approximately 2.5 km of water main. Trepanier Interconnect Project Notes will help answer some frequently asked questions.

    Trepanier Interconnect Environmental Assessment was completed in April of 2020. The report is based on desktop research as well as field reconnaissance.