Understanding your Water Bill


The District reads and records metered water usage for residences and businesses throughout Peachland. Every quarter (3 months) you will receive a water bill detailing your water usage and estimated water bill for the period.

The water bill is comprised of the following:
  1. account number and service address
  2. billing date
  3. billing period (Jan to March, April to June, July to September, October to December)
  4. current reading and previous reading
  5. consumption during billing period (in cubic meters)
  6. base rate ($55.50 per quarter for single family, varies for multi-family, commercial, industrial and agricultural users)
  7. consumption charge (consumption x consumption rate)
  8. graph of consumption history by quarter.

One litre of bottled water costs about $1.50. In general, sustainable water operations can be achieved for around $1 per m3. That's 1,000 litres of water!

The average household in BC uses 26,500 litres (26.5 m3) of water a month.

Fixing a dripping tap can save up to 1,300 litres of water per month and prevent water damage in the home. That's enough to fill more than 7 bathtubs.

Turning off water when you shave, brush your teeth and wash your face can save 5 - 10 litres per minute.

Peachland Water Bill
1,000 litres of water ( 1 cubic meter)

Did you know you CAN view your water usage 24/7?

The District would like to remind residents that they are able to track their water usage online. This is a great tool to ensure water usage is consistent with previous years and there are no surprises when the quarterly utility bills are mailed out. The District does water meter reads at the end of every month and within a few days this information is available for online viewing.

For access to online meter readings, please follow the instructions below:

You can view your utility bills online by going to www.peachland.ca and scroll to the bottom of the page to select “Online Services”. Select Utility Billing, and then Billing Summary. Enter your Account Number and your Access Code. Both numbers are located in the centre of your utility bill. From this screen you can view all of your transactions and account information, including your water usage.

If there are any concerns, or if you do not have access to the internet, you can always call Municipal Hall (250.767.2647) and staff can look up the information for you.